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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Unit trust statistic as at July 2011... Still Growing

The Malaysian economic expanded at a slower pace in a 2nd Qtr due mainly to a moderation in the manufacturing sector. However, the Malaysian financial services sector has been relatively resilient as illustrated by the rise in equity market turnover, high loan growth, active bond market and still positive equity market during the second quarter.

The private unit trust industry grew by RM1.1 billion in July 2011 to RM102.2 billion from 100 billion in June 2011. Public Mutual 's total net asset (NAV) stood at RM44.8 billion in July 2011. It is still the market leader with a 44.2% of the market share. Public Mutual currently has 90 funds under management.

Public Mutual remained as number 1 in both equity and balanced fund categories with a combined market share of 60.3% as at 29 July 2011. It's bond fund category's market share was maintained at 37.9%. With 56.9% and 51.1% in market share respectively, it continues to lead in Islamic and foreign fund categories.

A slower trend of new fund launches was seen in August when compared with other months. only 5 new funds were launched as at 22 August 2011. Majority of these fund were fixed income and money market funds.

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