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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honda FABE (Feature Advantage Benefit Evidence)

Have you ever heard the word FABE? It's actually all about the features so called technology provided by the car manufacturer to serve you the best level of satisfaction of whatever your dreams to get once you sit down in your car, start your engine and enjoy your driving to your destiny.
Every technology development will come with their own reason and purposes and of course for each purpose are created to benefit you as a driver or passengers and also to create a better than others as this automotive indutries are a healthy competition business in this world.
This some example of car technology might give you 24 list of features nowadays provided by Honda car manufaturer. You will find the purpose, advantages and benefits comes with every single features.

If you are now in the situation of to make a decision to buy a new car or to select affordable car with your dream of enjoying FABE, you might consider to buy HONDA... the power of dreams.

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