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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Civic Type R : The story of burning desire

Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race is one of the big annual event at Sepang circuit. Non stop racing for 12 hours is really test your car & your team endurance up to maximum limit.

The war is just to begin. The team gathered for the final briefingDriver was well prepared. The battle is coming...Tires ok? Yes boss! everything ok!Fuelman in standby mode... I'm ready for it...Time logger ready? We are ready boss!Our Honda supporters at 11.30pm... Our adrenaline burned to maximum limit Sing the "Negaraku song".. Patriotic ne...5 minutes before the race start..The race is begin... aim to be the champion...2.00 am... The battle become more challengingPit stop... Tire change finish!!!Speed at 160Km/hLook at the front brake disc...4.00am... No night feeling...Every single second is counted... 0.04 second!Non stop racing... 7.00 amLook at the exzos!!Taking tight corners at speeds 130kmhDrivers change every 1 hours.. Fight to be the winner...11.00am... another 1 hour to go..You will not stand to the crazy sound.. your eardrum can burst...Maximum speed at grand stand.. 175kmh within short distance...Final lap... counted at 281 laps...YES!!!! We did it...We are the champion!!!This is a very very great moment for us..Civic Type R... Honda is champion in its class..Celebrate the victory with the honda professional drivers..The real story of burning desire.. challenging spirit and inspiration to be the best ..http://www.malaysiangp.com.my/story/mmer-2010-race-resultYou will be our next supporters... yoshhh..

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