"Sesungguhnya Allah dan para Malaikat berselawat ke atas Nabi S.A.W, wahai orang-orang yang beriman, ucapkanlah selawat dan salam penghormatan ke atas Nabi Muhammad S.A.W"-Allahumma Solli'ala Sayyidina Muhammad-

Monday, November 15, 2010

Analyst sees super bull run for KL bourse

15 November 2010

The potential target level for next year will be at 1,691-1,780 with critical support at 1,1440-1550, says S.N Lock a market analyst at The Edge Personal Money Investment Forum on The Stock Market 2010 in KL on Saturday 13.

A Super bull run is on horizon for the KLCI with the 30-stock market benchmarl index potentially surging up to 1,780 level towards the end of next year, he added.

After reaching multi-year and historic highs, all key regional indices, including the FTSE FBM KLCI and European markets, tool a dip on Friday amid worries of a possible increase in interest rates and Ireland's debt problem.

The decline after the vigorous rally and consolidation was much needed for the FBM KLCI to continue with its uptrend after reaching historic high of 1,528.01

On a bullish note, FBM KLCI could also surge to 1,869-1,958 level if the market barometer breaches the initial target for 2011.

Among the key factors for the bullish outlook is the fact that retail participation is still very small despite the market's surge to new highs. Hence, when they come on board, the market will be boosted further. The engine growth will be the construction, property, steel & plantation sectors.

Maybank Investment Bank vice president of research Wong Chew Hann said there was potential for more equity funds to flow into Malaysia. "We expect the overnight policy rate (OPR) to be stable at least until the 2nd Half of 2011 and equities are an attractive asset class during low interest rate times."

She gave a lower end-2011 target of 1,660 for FBM KLCI. She added the risk factors were stronger growth and better employment in the US as well as possible capital control, especially in Asia.

On the outlook for China, S&P's director for equity research, Alexander Chia, helped ease some possible concerns among participants in that event, saying China may experience a soft landing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

ASB Dividen History

Become lesser and lesser...

Friday, November 12, 2010

A little experience brings my journey here

Being a sciene stream student in Sekolah Menengah Science Selangor wasn't stop my eager on being an accountant as my job. I've comes to achieve my dreams with continues to be an accounting student in UiTM. To be a graduate in year 1999 is not easy. It's a tough time. It's a Malaysia financial crisis time. Market share drops below 500 points this time.

Live must goes on
I have no choive, I have to start my own live, I have to work. Thanks to En Nazri (Commodities Investment Manager) to give me opportunity to be a marketing officer at commodities investment company. But.. who want to invest during financial crisis time. Nobody want. Company suffered and working without salary is normal. With the staff become lesser and lesser, En Nazri start to share his technical knowledge on how to invest using technical graph, support line etc.. Hmm, not really understand what he's talking about but sound interesting...

Get offer at Hicom Teck See Shah Alam
Year 2000, it's my first proper job. Not being an accountant, but I don't care, live must goes on.

Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS)
Year 2001, I got 4 lots of DRBHicom share at RM1.00/lot... no shock, not excitement, no feeling.. never heard before.. ESOS??? Time change make the things change. DRBHicom share boom. The price keep rising. Staff now talking of share, every here and there. Banker keep coming to office dealing on this ESOS. Sooner after, I sold the share at RM2.50++ Thanks God, it's money, it's profit,it's a real money..

Starting to invest in market share
The lucky time and good moment of making money in ESOS share wasn't stop me there. This time i'm start cit chat with my remisier Mr A from Hwang DBS Investment Bank Plaza Masalam Shah Alam.
My 1st trial was not bad, this time i'm make it in TIME Engineering (TIME) RM300 profit within 3 days.. WOW.. day after day, I go along with all this.. profit, loss, profit, loss.. it's a reality as investor esspecially for new trader like me.. working at supervisor level is totally financialy not strong. So, it's just talking about RM3000 fund. It's big enough for me that time. haha

The passion grows in me
To be a profit making investor is not by luck. It's comes by effort and it's not come just by itself.
We have to find it, keeps learning through readings, news, research and many other ways and enjoy the journey along the way. Nowadays, it's a lot of resources which so convenience and easy to get into. Online business news, traders blog, investment bank analysis research, books, magazine, etc.. you are about to get it anywhere anytime..

Why I choose to be Unit Trust Consultant?
I think I should not stop my passion in myself. I believe in sharing. The more you give, the more you get. Talking about unit trust means talking of equity market, composit index, market share performance, company prospectus and so on. It's just in line with what's i'm doing so far. So, why not. Just to add some kind of marketing skill, customer service skill, managing customer account... "Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan"

Self Objective Setting
Firstly, I must be reliable to my customer and commit to this business. Then, make sure customer always making profit in medium to long term investment.
There is no choice other than SUCCESS.

Thanks to Allah.
"Sesungguhnya Allah sebaik-baik pemberi rezeki" (AlJumaaah-Ayat 11)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is our EPF money invested?

Do you know?
Since March 2010, EPF was revealed it's top 30 equity investment in Bursa Malaysia on quarterly basis.
It's actually to promote transparency and to reassure members that having their money inside having the best interest of growing their retirement saving.

Who is the top 30 companies?

The company includes FBMKLCI Blue Chip companies and GLC companies. The companies track record which are showing good fundemental performance in term of revenue, profit, dividend track record, EPS and bright future prospect.

Top 30 companies EPF holding shares for 3rd Qtr ended 30 September 2010 :

EPF Dividends pay out history since 1952

Don't you feel something?

Invested in a strong organization with health financial condition YoY just give you 4% ~ 8 % return???

Why unit trust company who invest in the same company can make an annual ROI up to 10%~20% and more??

You should allow yourself to know more on unit trust.

Your future are created by your today's decision.

"setiap manusia mempunyai peluang yang sama,

terpulang kepada mereka untuk memanfaatkannya"

-Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal-

Pengeluaran KWSP untuk pelaburan unit trust

Syarat pengeluaran
1. Hanya 20% daripada (Akaun 1 – Simpanan Asas) boleh dikeluarkan. Tidak lebih RM20%
2. Minimum RM1000
3. Hanya setiap 3 bulan sekali

Jika anda ingin mendapatkan nasihat Unit Trust. Boleh email kepada saya di fadhilhussin.publicmutual@yahoo.com . Emailkan no phone anda. Dan saya akan call anda.

Jadual Simpanan Asas Dalam Akaun 1 Mengikut umur
18 – RM1,000
19 – RM2,000
20 – RM3,000
21 – RM4,000
22 – RM5,000
23 – RM7,000
24 – RM8,000
25 – RM9,000
26 – RM11,000
27 – RM12,000
28 – RM14,000
29 – RM16,000
30 – RM18,000
31 – RM20,000
32 – RM22,000
33 – RM24,000
34 – RM26,000
35 – RM29,000
36 – RM32,000
37 – RM34,000
38 – RM37,000
39 – RM41,000
40 – RM44,000
41 – RM48,000
42 – RM51,000
43 – RM55,000
44 – RM59,000
45 – RM64,000
46 – RM68,000
47 – RM73,000
48 – RM78,000
49 – RM84,000
50 – RM90,000
51 – RM96,000
52 – RM102,000
53 – RM109,000
54 – RM116,000
55 – RM120,000

Contoh Pengiraan Kelayakan
Jika umur 22
Jumlah Akaun 1 anda ada RM4000, rujuk kepada jadual di atas, paling kurang anda perlu simpan RM5000 di dalam Akaun 1.
Oleh itu anda tidak layak untuk mengeluarkan KWSP/EPF untuk tujuan pelaburan

Jika umur 22
Jumlah Akaun 1 anda ada RM8000, rujuk kepada jadual di atas, paling kurang anda perlu simpan RM5000 di dalam Akaun 1.
RM8000 – RM5000 = RM3000
20% x RM3000 = RM600
Minimum pengeluaran adalah RM1000. Oleh itu anda tidak layak untuk mengeluarkan KWSP/EPF untuk tujuan pelaburan

Jika umur 25
Jumlah Akaun 1 anda ada RM20,000, rujuk kepada jadual di atas, paling kurang anda perlu simpan RM9000 di dalam Akaun 1.

RM20000 – RM9000 = RM11,000
20% x RM11,000 = RM2200

Oleh itu anda layak untuk mengeluarkan EPF/KWSP untuk tujuan pelaburan dengan minimum RM1000 atau maximum RM2200.

Mengapa keluarkan EPF/KWSP dan laburkan ke unit trust?

Jawapan yang mudah. Pulangan yang lebih tinggi. KWSP memberi hanya 5% dividend setahun. Unit Trust lebih kurang 20% setahun.

Simple matematik (Compounding Rate Return formula)

A = P(1 + r)^n

Masuk RM2000 untuk 20 tahun
A = RM2000(1 + 20%)^20 = RM76,675.19

Ini adalah jumlah wang anda hanya memasukkan RM2000 sekali sehaja.
Jika anda masukkan RM2000 sekali 3 bulan atau hanya setahun sekali. Bayangkan jumlah wang anda.

Kepada ibu bapa yang menyimpan untuk anak anda. Lebih baik disimpan di unit trust. Sejak lahir ibu bapa hanya simpan RM50 sebulan untuk anak anda. Setahun = RM50 x 12 = M600. Simpan sampai anak 18tahun.

Akaun Simpanan Biasa (Dividen 0.25% setahun)
Pada umur 18 tahun anda mengumpul = RM11,660.17

Unit Trust (Pulangan 20% setahun)
Pada umur 18 tahun anda mengumpul = RM92,844.00
Duit ini sudah cukup untuk anak anda melanjutkan pelajaran di universiti.

Mana lebih untung? Bertindaklah Sekarang..