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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is our EPF money invested?

Do you know?
Since March 2010, EPF was revealed it's top 30 equity investment in Bursa Malaysia on quarterly basis.
It's actually to promote transparency and to reassure members that having their money inside having the best interest of growing their retirement saving.

Who is the top 30 companies?

The company includes FBMKLCI Blue Chip companies and GLC companies. The companies track record which are showing good fundemental performance in term of revenue, profit, dividend track record, EPS and bright future prospect.

Top 30 companies EPF holding shares for 3rd Qtr ended 30 September 2010 :

EPF Dividends pay out history since 1952

Don't you feel something?

Invested in a strong organization with health financial condition YoY just give you 4% ~ 8 % return???

Why unit trust company who invest in the same company can make an annual ROI up to 10%~20% and more??

You should allow yourself to know more on unit trust.

Your future are created by your today's decision.

"setiap manusia mempunyai peluang yang sama,

terpulang kepada mereka untuk memanfaatkannya"

-Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal-

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