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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is it a trouble or an opportunity in investing your money in unit trust..

Salam to all.. It's a long rest from updating this blog. Begin with fasting month, raya month then now on fine tuning mode. Anyway, hope I still can be your partner which you are always waiting for something on this blog to be update.

This time I want to write something on our recent market share situation. If you are one of the direct investor to KLSE or you are investor in unit trust industry or even you are the unit trust consultant, may I ask you something.. How do you feel now? Do you see yourself in trouble? or you see a bigger opportunity are coming on you? Whatever answer it is.. it's will define either you are the loser or the winner...

Market share keep falling after set the all time high 1597.08 points on 8th July 2011 and set a new low of the year on 26th Sept 2011 with 1310.53 (20% decline from recent highs). This 2 weeks sees the market direction still no where to go but most the analyst are given a big warn that market are in a bear territory.. SELL on RALLIES and KEEP LARGE CASH pile for now. We foresee an eventual mid-term move to lower levels like 1,310, 1,292, 1,280, 1,276, 1,249, 1,210 and 1,149. The “Dead Cross” of the 50 and 200-day SMA on 3 Mondays ago would mean that fund managers would be selling on any rebound rally.

I'm a unit trust agent. What should I do now?
This time you should feel like a hungry monster which will eat anything cross in front of you.. You should believe in yourself sooner or later, the market will come back and that time you are the most great agent to be in your customers heart. Keep all their investment form in your hand, keep on track with market direction to get the better price for better profit to your client.. Is it possible to happen on me? YES.. as long as you see this as a great opportunity..

I'm a unit trust investor. What should I do now?
Have you experience yourself investing in year 2008 during economic recession? Some of you feel stupid even feel guilty by themself to invest during that time. But, less than 3 years, they become the most happiness investors in their life.

When I should invest?
There's a lot of question you should ask yourself. Do you know when the market will rebound and change direction to become 'bull'? Do you know when this 'bear' will last? Do you know which is the lowest point to be?.. If you cannot determine the exact figure or even you have no idea for that, then you should invest NOW and continue make a regular investment because that's the best strategy to WIN the game over the medium and longer period of time.

There are always an opportunity in every problem you are facing.. It's just a matter how you draw it, see it and think of it.. TAKE ACTION AND NEVER GIVE UP

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