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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cuti panjang

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera

November is a tough month for market and for me. 2 weeks not update blog and it's become too much holiday already.
Actually i'm still closely monitor public mutual fund performance & market movement but then 15th ~ 21st is a Raya Hajj holiday and I balik kampung at Kota Bharu (sembelih lembu). hehe
Then a week after, I found my self having vernal conjunctivitis (sakit mata) and again 1 week gone. best jugak cuti lama...

What happen to market in last 2 weeks?
2nd half November seen market consolidate into correction after record a new all time high for FBM KLCI @ 1531.99. Market analyst said this bearish divergence trend may end up with support level at 1490 or breaking of this level may further correction to 1447 points.

In addition, sounds of bad news coming at this time start with the Ireland debt crisis which end up with 85billion euro bail out to fund this crisis.

2nd story come out. orang nogori cakap takdo pasai carik pasai, dapat pasai habih tak pasai pasai. North korea vs South Korea nak perang plak dah.. all this heightened geopolitical risk was bring market into uncertainties.

Another panic story comeout after Ireland crisis. Now, investors are looking to the point that the crisis may spread out become european crisis include spain, portugal in remarks. Do they also need a bailout???

What's the impact to Malaysia equity market?

Simple manner to understand is fundemantel aspect and technical aspect :

Fundemantelly, it all about the currency exchange, international trade transaction, foreign company business in M'sia and futhermore our equity market is actually participate by 30% of foreign investor. News of war, company's making loss, financial sector glooming and so on will affect the market share price.

Technically, as simple as this phrase. "you will not stay in the boat alone inside the river after all people go even the boat is in a very good condition". It's means investors are always looking of profit by investing in market share. It's is not smart to stay inside while others sold right?

It's always an opportunities

It's a healthier situation to us. Market up will continue with downtrend after and of course it's will reverse pattern again and again and forever.

It's just a matter of when? and what price? So, smart investor will never lose.

Be a smart investor. Good Luck and Wassalam


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