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Monday, December 20, 2010

Want to Be a Unit Trust Consultant?

Great reasons to be a Unit Trust Consultant!

Great opportunity
The local unit trust industry is a multi-billion ringgit industry with huge opportunities in both the cash and EPF markets

Cash Market
For the cash market, the Bank Negara's Report for May 2010 shows individual's conventional and Islamic demand deposits and savings deposits stood at more than RM408.4 billion.

EPF Market
According to EPF 2008 Report, there were over 5.7 million of active EPF members as at end of year 2008.

Unlimited Income
You determine your own pay cheque. Capitalise on the huge untapped market potential, the sky is the limit for your earning potential! Besides, you will also be your own boss:
i) You have the freedom to build your own team and develop your own business strategies.
ii) You have the freedom to earn as much as you want, there is no limit.

Flexible working hours
You are not tied to a 9-to-5 job and have the privilege of dictating your own working hours to suit your needs. You can spend more time with your loved ones and do the things you have always wished to do by having flexible working hours.
Let Public Mutual help you achieve your goals

Industry leader
We are a leading player in the private unit trust industry in Malaysia, commanding 42.6%a of the market share. Being No.1b in the industry, we manage more than 70 funds with a total net asset value of RM36.5 billionc for over 2.3 million accountholders.

Most Awarded
Public Mutual is the most awarded unit trust fund manager in Malaysia, having received a total of 159 industry awards since 1999. More than 90 percent of the awards that we won are for superior fund performance.

Solid Brand
We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Public Bank, the country's third largest bank by assets. Besides enjoying the solid support of the bank, we also enjoy being associated with the strong PB Brand. We are the winner of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award for four years running and the Platinum Award this year. We have also received The BrandLaureate Awards – Unit Trust category for four years in a row, which bears testimony to the trust and confidence of Malaysian investors in us.

Vast experience
Public Mutual has a wealth of 29 years experience in managing funds. Extensive distribution channel. We have the strongest and most productive agency force in the industry. Also, the largest with more than 70% market share in terms of tied-agents. (Source: Federation of Investment Managers Malaysian). Public Mutual is linked extensively through its national network of 26 branches and 2 agency offices to service our unit trust consultants and 2.3 million accountholders. These branches are augmented by 248 Public Bank branches, which also function as our ubiquitous collection centres.

Reward and benefits
We provide one of the most competitive incentives and benefit programmes in the industry:
- Attractive subsidies, bonuses, awards, public recognition and more.
- Go on luxury overseas trips, courtesy of our incentive scheme.

Personal development and professionalism
We invest heavily in your agency development training to help you build a business that can provide you financial freedom and a lifestyle of your choice.

State-of-the-art tools
Public Mutual has a comprehensive suite of sales and financial planning tools to assist unit trust consultants to service their fundholders better. In terms of total fund size managed amongst private unit trust companies in Malaysia.

Source: The Edge-Lipper, 19 July 2010
a & c Source: The Edge-Lipper, 19 July 2010

How To Be A Consultant
Please do e-mail me your name & phone number to fadhilhussin.publicmutual@yahoo.com and I do explain to you the best of being Unit Trust Consultant.

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