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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sapphire White Stone : Beware of SCAM e-mail

Dear Friends,
Are you one of the victim, future victims or victims list to be? Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow..
The e-mail might be from :
1. noraishahsiti@yahoo.co.uk
2. nora.siti@att.net
3. ssiti56@ymail.com
and many other's more...

My friend & I was received the same e-mail from this fellow and it's all about business trading of White stone.. This e-mail will not stop there once you do your 1st reply to them. Please be remind that if you are not aware enough about SCAM, cheating or syndicate activities nowadays, you might be their next victim. You might be like anybodies who always looking for oportunities to growth their wealthness or to be a rich man. But friends, there are no fast track to be rich other than illegal activity which you don't want to do so.
Please click this link below to share more on this White Stone Sapphire syndicate activities before you be trap by them : http://atia08.blogspot.com/2010/03/spam-sapphire-blue-stone.html

Some people very eager to be rich till they forgot the trap a long the way.. You have 2 choice ; legal or illegal ways.. whatever ways you choose, my advice is you still need to have enough knowledge both.. But if you choose illegal ways, then it will be either you trap others or others trap you.. but then both will suffer..

If you have money and you want the money grow faster, you should run a business.. if you not dare enough to face the risk, better keep the money savely.. Looking to other option, you should think of invest your money in unit trust fund and it might be one of the best choice for you.. you also might want to know more how it deals. Click this below link: http://alqorni.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-unit-trust-amanah-saham-generate.html

Everyday you have to make a choice.. please make sure you did a right choice.. Happy and smile always..
Please remember.. never try to be a victim of SCAM e-mail..


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