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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's a clue. Something to ponder about KLSE

Today (30 Jan 2013) KLSE in red while others asian market in green. Are we in bad economic situation? I think no. Then why? Are the 13thGE is around the corner? Yes exactly right.

So what? Does it's a good time to kick the show up to the sky? Now i'm really thinking what is the institution investor's having in their mind. People are taking their profit and runnnnnnn as far as they to avoid become a loser? I think there are a very big worry of what to happen tomorrow... nobody can predict what will to happen next in today's situation. So, they are reflecting the market before late.
Japan share market rose more than 20% in 3 months... Everybody knows, investors confident return back after new leaders up.
China share market rose more than 10% in 3 months.. this should be a benchmark as global US & European market in this rank.
Singapore share market rose more than 7% in 3 months.. slower might due to his neighbor near to enervation
Let's look at KLSE...
Huhuhu... Malaysia market share in plunge mode. -2% and maybe more to come later.. I'm pretty sure this general election are very tough to the ruling government. But, I'm also pretty sure long term investment are really worth-with. The best for you who are concern about lowest risk is invest in unit trust. Yes, investment in unit trust will never frust you as long as you agree to invest in long term. Here the prove..
You will never get today's value in next 5 years.. What's comes around is goes around.. You will benefit yourself by investing your future value money at today's decision.

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